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Paul Oldham

paul oldham

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John Dorenbusch

Vice President
Mary Huntington no name

Mary Huntington

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ashley brown

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joe alig

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jayme beneker

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andrea gillman

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brad mehlon

Neal Wiggermann no name

Neal Wiggermann

Spotlights - New Board Members

“Through my participation on the board, I have learned so much about myself and our community,” says Neal Wiggermann, member of the Southeastern Indiana YMCA Board of Directors. “This work has furthered my professional development, provided camaraderie, and helped me feel connected to the community we serve.  Although I like to think the Y and the community benefit from the work of the board, I receive so much from serving on the board and I am very grateful for the opportunity.”

Wiggermann joined the Y over ten years ago when he needed a gym. “I chose the Y because the fitness center had more amenities than other gyms closer to me, and I wanted to support all the work the Y does for the community, even if I wasn’t sure what that all entailed. Since then the Y has helped my family stay healthy, helps my children develop and connects me to the community,” adds Wiggermann.

“My two favorite moments of the day are visiting the YMCA Learning Center. When I drop my children off at the Learning Center in the morning, they are excited for the day. I know they will be well cared for by well-trained professionals who provide stimulating activities and encourage their social development. I have the peace of mind to focus on my work day. When I pick them up, I’m so grateful to see my happy kids who have so much to tell me about their day.

“I joined the Y board in 2019 because I wanted to do my part to make sure the Y is here to provide quality facilities and programming for generations to come, and to be a part of the great team that is serving on the board. My participation has increased my appreciation for the Y and organizations like it. So many people work so hard behind the scenes to provide services that improve the quality of life for children, seniors and families in the community.

When asked about milestones that have been significant during his board tenure, Wiggermann responded, “The way the staff and leadership of the Y rose up to the challenges presented by the pandemic revealed their quality and how lucky we are to have them in southeastern Indiana. The staff made the best of a terrible situation and helped improve the circumstances of the Y and the surrounding area. It’s easy to take organizations like the Y for granted, but almost impossible to imagine our community without them.”