Ted Hartshorn: A True Inspiration

YMCA Member Ted HartshornDespite having 29 eye surgeries to combat glaucoma from a very early age, Ted Hartshorn, 80, is full of get up and go. Even though he is visually impaired, he attends the Y several days a week and uses the Fitness Center. His work-outs are as intense and long-lasting as a lot of people half his age. His persistence, drive, and zeal are truly inspiring.

Ted is passionate about the YMCA…
“I think the Y is a great place. It has great spirit and the people who work there are very friendly and helpful. I love to be with them and I love to work out. My work-outs mean a lot. They are part of a commitment I’ve made in my life to physical fitness… If I didn’t have the Y to come to, I would probably be stuck doing exercises at home and it just wouldn’t be the same. I am very thankful for the Y and the people there.”

Ted lives in Batesville with his wife, Ginny. They enjoy life, most especially their 3 children and 6 grandchildren.