Why the Y? Building Confidence

MultiAd_03s_hrThanks to the generosity of two sponsors, “Moriah” was given the opportunity to attend the Y Summer Camp. “Moriah” suffers from low self-esteem and struggles with feelings of depression and worthlessness. She is usually withdrawn and often isolates herself from children in her age group. After just a few days at camp her overall positivity and attitude improved by leaps and bounds. She made several friends, behaved better at home, and is making huge strides in her therapy sessions.

Children, just like “Moriah,” are more self-reliant, better prepared to face challenges, and are members of a special community that fosters life-long friendships because of YMCA programs.

At the Y, we help young people form healthy habits, develop their skills and build strong relationships. With your support, our Y will grow and sustain our work with young people at critical times – in the early years, before and after school, and in the summer.

The Y. So much more.