Upgrading Your Fitness Experience with New Equipment

Depositphotos_7285365_original (2)As you may have noticed, we have made significant additions to our fantastic wellness center. On top of our already top-notch equipment, we have added a wide variety of new items such as:

  • New kettlebells
  • Lightweight Step Barbells
  • Olympic Barbells
  • Exercise Bikes
  • Rowing Machines
  • Variety of Mobility Bands Bumper
  • Plates Lightweight Barbells

This brand new equipment will help you achieve a more complete and efficient workout, as well as provide you with the very best resources to help you reach your goals. Also, we have added a whiteboard of challenges mounted by the downstairs locker room.  Win a challenge—win a prize. Feel free to direct questions you may have to any one of our friendly fitness floor staff members concerning the new additions or workout ideas.