Connected For Life

Staying connected to others is the key to staying committed to being active says John Strange. At 93, Strange is leading by example. Strange is part of the 5:00 AM workout crowd at the Y. He comes in 4-5 days a week and is very popular. In between workout sets, he can be seen saying “hello” or briefly chatting with everyone in the Wellness Center. “I used to be part of a group of around five guys that would walk the track every morning, but I’m the last one left,” says Strange.  So even though the people have changed, Strange has continued to come in and make connections. “Do you know why it’s important to work out with a group?” asks Strange. “Because then you feel bad when you don’t show up. Your friends will say, ‘Where were you? Why weren’t you here?’ And that’s a good thing!” advises Strange. The Y brings people together. Forge a community that pushes you to new heights. The Y. For A Better Us.