Y Story – Forever Splashing

“Last year I was really missing the water,” says charter Y member and lifeguard, Elizabeth Hall. “I began working for the Y at the Welcome Center in 1995. I went on to become a lifeguard and water arthritis instructor and worked at the Y for 16 years. Then some other opportunities came my way, and I went on to pursue them for about seven years. But, last year, the water was calling me.

“I found out last April that I have a brain cyst. The water allows me to do a lot of exercises I cannot do on land,” says Elizabeth. “The water is just a good place for me. I started getting back in the water by helping a friend with some water therapy in the pool. It made me realize that I wanted to work back at the Y. I’m excited to rejoin the lifeguarding team and to substitute for the Senior Splash class.

“When I’m lifeguarding, I’m always so impressed with some of the members that come in. Many of them didn’t grow up going to a gym, working out, or even swimming, but they still come in and exercise. Some of them drive upwards of 30 minutes to get here. And, they are here a lot. They have all found their community at the Y.

“I’m so happy to be back. It is such a friendly place, and so many members have welcomed me back with open arms. Even after seven years!” shares Elizabeth.