Every Journey Has a Beginning

Every journey has a beginning: For James Mays – it began in November 2022 when the doctor told him he had a high red blood cell count. “I was not feeling myself, I was dizzy and feeling sick. I was having panic attacks and couldn’t drive my car,” shares Mays.

In his mid-thirties, Mays did not want to take pharmaceutical medication. “I wanted to get my numbers down naturally. So I joined the Y and started working out in the pool and on the track. At that time I couldn’t even run one lap,” says Mays. He also completely changed his diet. He quit eating fast food and red meat. “I eat poultry, raw fruits and fermented foods. I’ve lost 20 pounds in a year, my numbers are back to normal and I feel so much better. Just the other day I ran three miles on the track.”

“I’d rather be at the Y everyday than going to the doctor every other week,” says Mays. When asked what advice he has for others just getting started, he responded, “Make it part of your routine. That’s what worked for me. If I don’t get to the Y within an hour of getting up, I don’t do it. Even if you’re second shift, or whatever, make it work for you. It’s not a quick fix, so give it time. It’s a lifestyle.”

Why the Y? “Everyone at the Y is very positive. They all have a smile on their face and are friendly. That’s important, especially when you are new,” adds Mays.